Cedar Grove Church

Our Roots (History)

Cedar Grove Church is located at 528 East Main Street in the city of Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Its roots and foundational doctrine are from the National Primitive Baptist Convention. With its beginnings dating back to the 1800’s, Cedar Grove Church has a rich history of changing lives for Jesus Christ. Prior to the current East Main Street location, Cedar Grove Church was located on Shores Road, also in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. The church at that location was built in 1954.


Here is a summary of the Pastors of the Cedar Grove Church. The first Pastor of Cedar Grove was Elder Bob Howse. He was followed by Elder A. M. Bedford. Elder Ernest Floyd became the third Pastor of the Cedar Grove Church. In June 1967, Elder Keelam Hayes was elected as the fourth Pastor of Cedar Grove. Our fifth pastor, Elder Buford Taylor was elected in January of 1975. Elder Ronnie Russell, Sr. was installed as the sixth pastor in July 1984. Our current pastor, Elder Monte L. Lester was elected in July of 2002. He was installed as the seventh pastor on the first Sunday of October in 2002.