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Darryl Chaney

Darryl Chaney

Choir Director


What do you do to relax?
Listen to Gospel Music or Workout at the gym.

What are you reading right now?

The Father Connection by McDowell


What do you appreciate most about the people of Cedar Grove Church?

The love, fellowship and worship.

What quotes have you found most meaningful in life?
Only what you do for CHRIST will last. 


Why should an individual who has not been to CGC come visit?
Experience high praise and worship.

What music are you currently listening to?
Bishop Hezekiah Walker


What websites do you visit daily?
Daily Bible and FaceBook


Where do you hope to be spiritually in the next year?
Closer to the KING-JESUS


Your Family


Your Education
Learn more about Christ 


Favorite Books
T D Jakes Books 


Favorite Movies  
Tyler Perry


Favorite Places


 Favorite Scripture
Matthew 28:18 - 20